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Deo Gratias

This website has been created to encourage Catholics (and other Christians) to develop a devotion to the illustrious 12th century Archbishop and saint, St Thomas Becket. There have been many books written over the years, going into forensic details about his life, letters, and brutal murder in Canterbury Cathedral. Most have a purely secular historical focus, discounting the miracles, and glossing over his personal holiness. The historic miracles have been recorded and translated into English, and I will share many of them here in time.

However, after the Reformation, personal devotion to St Thomas Becket as heavenly intercessor has diminished. This was especially true in the 20th century, when globalisation, liberalisation and an ecumenical spirit in the Church rendered a staunch Churchman like St Thomas anachronistic to modern sensibilities.

The tide has now turned in the 21st century, when the negative effects of postmodernism and secular humanism can be felt everywhere - in the Church, and society at large. Many in the west have turned to Buddhism, the New Age, and even Islam, to fill the gaping spiritual hole in their hearts. Even worse, Catholicism and even Christian values are under attack in many western societies, as immorality and hedonism become the norm.


It is way past time to remember a saint like St Thomas Becket once again, so he can infuse us with fortitude in these difficult and confusing times. Here is a place where fellow devotees can share their personal stories of St Thomas' intercession, from small favours, right up to the miraculous.

St Thomas is just as alive as he was in the late 12th century, and is praying for us still.